What does it take to run a fast growing agency that consistently has its eye on creating breakthrough work for clients? It takes vision, courage and most important of all, it takes the ability to inspire. Phil Shelp has proven that he has the talent not only to inspire his creative staff and account teams but more importantly, his clients and their customers.

Phil provides the vision and leadership at TWENTY20 Marketing. He built the firm on the premise that the agency’s success will be about creating the most inspiring experiences and showing clients returns that grow their businesses and their brands. Phil oversees the development of the firm’s growth strategy, client relationships, and people. He also serves as a strategic advisor on client engagements and has deep expertise in medical/healthcare, retail, financial services, and the technology sector.

Prior to TWENTY20, Phil was the founding partner of the esteemed agency, Marketing Group West and the General Manager of FMG Marketing. He has helped orchestrate TWENTY20’s emergence while enhancing the agency’s position as one of the preeminent boutique full-service marketing firms in the Western United States and beyond.

Phil has a keen understanding of the Medical arena with over 12 years of sales and marketing on the client side of the business. And, with 15 years of experience in brand development and consulting, marketing strategy, communications, and advertising, on the agency side, Phil brings his keen intellect, infectious positive attitude and years of experience to bear in each and every client engagement he is involved in.

Phil Shelp graduated from the University of South Florida. Later Phil took his 6’7” frame and joined the infamous Washington Generals, where he summarily lost over 500 games to the beloved Harlem Globetrotters.

Twenty20 has increased:

  • Heritage's website traffic75%
  • Rina's conversion rate50%
  • Syndergy Housing's app download90%
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