PJ Lloyd - Digital Marketing Director

PjLloydPJ’s marketing and advertising experience stretches across the map and off the shores to include a variety of industries from media buying to publishing, from broadcast to the world of fashion, and then coming to a complete halt at the internet where she has loitered for the past 12 years.

PJ has worked at Young & Rubicam, where she was a media buyer for Ideal Toys and Ford Motors. She headed a broadcaster’s move to internet marketing and was also Vice President/Sales and Marketing, Premier Leather, Universal Trade – Account Director, Saks Incorporated, Department Store Division – Merchandise Director, Wellbridge Athletic Clubs along with other strategic marketing positions.

With her expertise in digital marketing, she became a partner in an agency and then carried that experience to one of the top development firms in the midwest. PJ’s experience plays an increasingly important role as digital marketing becomes more sophisticated and competition increases.