Implementation and Execution

This phase most usually involves working with the client, partners, production vendors, and media professionals to execute on the plan and project.

Even the most powerful and aesthetically appealing brand, messaging and design system can be ultimately unsuccessful without meticulous attention to realization, production, and implementation. A massive corporate branding makeover on a global scale? The rollout of new packaging for a consumer brand? The build-out of a new lobby, trade show booth or store design? A national advertising and publicity campaign to launch a new product in an undeveloped market? We help to assemble a team of production specialists that can manage these and every type of client project, overseeing total quality control, planning, final art development, design specifications, on-press and on-site production supervision, prototype development and the installation of environmental designs and signage.

We then often work with our clients and their partners to help them manage and maintain the integrity of a new system as it is implemented throughout the organization. In addition, we conduct ongoing audits during and after implementation to ensure the consistency, quality, and efficacy of all brand communications.

Measurement and analysis of results

At the beginning of a client relationship, we attempt to set appropriate milestones and benchmarks and then consistently track against them in order to measure the success of our work and inform us early on of any shortcomings. Creating success metrics is very different from client to client, and we can use various means to measure the effectiveness of the work that our team creates and the projects that we consult on. Our specific processes of measuring results depend largely upon the initial goals that were established, the audiences involved, the length of the campaign or the scope of the project and the different media used to deliver the client’s message(s).

Recalibrate and adjust tactics accordingly

Based on our ongoing evaluation of brand perception, brand performance and brand equity, adjustments to initial strategies and tactics will be recommended, as required. Considering that brand managers, product managers, and marketing executives often come and go every couple of years, an ongoing relationship with an outside partner that has intimate knowledge and understanding of your company’s brand can be invaluable. We work with our clients as their long-term brand stewards and champions, helping guide the continued evolution and architecture of their brands. In this role, we also act in concert with all of my clients’ strategic partners — their employees, management consultants, communications agencies, public relations firms, and others — to ensure that the brand messages and positioning are clearly and consistently communicated across all media and marketing activities.

Ongoing review and support

The roles of the ad and PR agency in creating and maintaining brand relevance is being challenged by a new type of professional — known as a brand consultant. A brand consultant often brings together skills from a number of different disciplines, including market research, market consulting, management consulting, advertising, design, and public relations. There are a number of advantages a brand consultant or creative consulting firm has over the traditional agency approach:

  • Longer-term approach and perspective on the development of brands, in part, because we are not limited by being compensated by the amount of work that we do for a particular client — i.e., the limitations of an annual ad budget and commissions.
  • Recognition and integration of all of the different elements that contribute to a brand’s success.
  • Closer working relationships with the client’s senior executives and the brand team.

Key deliverable(s) might include some of the following:

  • Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and yearly review(s)
  • On-going training
  • Brand communications review
  • Trend reporting