Project details:

  • Date:

     January 14, 2014

  • Client:


  • Task:

     IPad Mobile App development

  • Category:

     Mobile Apps

Like many of our Mobile App clients, Expressworks knew they wanted an app, and had some ideas as to what it would do for them, but needed a partner that could help them “think through” the process, and determine exactly what would make their app something that would be easy to use, and would provide significant value to the users (their own team of specialists). This was probably one of the most complicated apps we have developed to date, as it had many interactive features, needed to create charts based upon the various input elements, and had to be able to support up to a dozen iPads per session, syncing as the session went along. We even had to enable it to support bluetooth as there would be times that Internet access was not available due to client server restrictions.