Synergy Corporate Housing

Project details:

Synergy Housing first turned to Twenty20 to see if we could help them add International portfolio capabilities to their website. But in talking to them more, they really needed a new website as well. Their current website didn’t position Synergy as the forward-thinking company that they are, nor did it allow their clients to utilize it to obtain information that would be useful to them. What Synergy needed was something that would allow them to cu Synergy Corporate Housing stomize the way they handle their clients. Their personal touch is a big differentiator for them in the marketplace. After even more discussion, it was determined that a Mobile App was something that was also high on their priority list.

Fortunately, the Twenty20 team was able to accommodate all of their needs, and to also offer additional ideas on how to incorporate a better database system on the back-end of their new website to accommodate the additional information they provide for their clients, that was not available on the third party software (OSCAR) everyone in the industry uses.

So after an all day input session and two additional days of internal and external interviews, Twenty20 was ready to roll. The result was a Website that was clean, fresh, and efficiently allowed clients and potential clients to access all the information they needed to help them make an informed choice on their Corporate Housing Provider. It also included a Mobile App that was available on both Android and iOS devices, and received much acclaim from it’s users.