Project details:

  • Date:

     January 7, 2014

  • Client:

     Varian Medical

  • Task:

     Design, write and produce high-end brochure, including photo shoot of people for brochure

  • Category:


Varian Medical was looking for an agency that could understand a highly technical system, digest what it provides for the patient, and deliver it back in layman’s terms, yet in a powerful way in print. Twenty20 Marketing had the right team for the job. We spent a lot of time understanding the product, as it was not only highly technical, but there were many nuances that needed to be understood as well, as it was a major investment for any hospital to undertake. We then determined the best approach that would be meaningful for both patients and senior level Health Care providers. Then, we did a photo shoot to deliver the right mix of people, and to bring it all to a personal level for all audiences. The result was an incredibly successful brochure that would enhance the sales process and educate the target audience on the benefits of this unique technology.