Social Media Marketing

The technical definition of social media goes something like this…

Social media is the general term used to describe the digital platforms explicitly created to allow individuals and businesses to develop unique communities with which they engage, share ideas, interact, and connect. Yes, this means Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Alignable, Twitter, and others.  The list of social platforms seems ever-growing. This is no surprise.

Many use social media to keep up with family and friends. Many use social media to create groups engaging others in similar interests. Many have created social profiles for their pets. Some of us have a love-hate relationship with social media. Even so, we live in a “social world.” If you are a business not utilizing social platforms, you are ten years behind your competition.

For a business, social media is a fantastic marketing tool offering an opportunity to tell a story and support brand. Through social media, a company can engage with current customers, discover new customers, advertise with data that indicates ROI, receive reviews, drive traffic to your website, even generate sales through a shop. WOW! I know, right?

Although relatively new to the long list of marketing avenues to use, Social Media has become extremely powerful over the years. With apps for social platforms on everyone’s phone, this could not be more true. When managed well, strategically, and with purpose, social media creates opportunity. Isn’t this what every business wants and needs? The answer is YES.